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The AoZora School is unique as it provides free education to all its students. Run by warm and caring people, it is definitely a very special place. Throughout its existence, AoZora has been led by God. Without Him, nothing would have been possible.

In recent times however, the owner of the main school building has dramatically increased the rent. Furthermore, the students have been prohibited from using the bathroom, forcing the children and teachers to go outside both during the day and at night which can be very dangerous.

So Nikesh (Director) has pulled all the children out of this building and has now taken them to the adjoining village school to share their building. Fitting well over 100 students into this building with a capacity of roughly only 50 is a tough task indeed. Combine this with no bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and electrical facilities it is a tremendous struggle. So at the present moment they literally only have a roof over their heads.

Due to the generosity of people, land has recently been purchased which they hope can be the site for a new school building. But this building is way beyond them financially at the present time.

So the Ministry of Teaching Overseas (MOTO) team that visited in 2011, has developed this website to make known to others the plight of AoZora School, and give you a taste of the special work they are doing. We would like to ask if you could keep the School in your prayers, especially during this tough time. If you feel as if you would like to assist the school further, donations can be made with the below details. If you would like to keep updated with the AoZora School, please like our facebook page.

God Bless

The Ministry of Teaching Overseas Team

Bank Details:
Account Name/Description: MOTOINDIA
Account BSB: 032 524
Account Number: 147536
The account is with Westpac Morisset.

If you would like a tax deductable reciept please email your name, postal address, and the amount dontated to: