AoZora Children Educational Welfare Trust commenced operation in February 2006. At this time the school was operating in a small garden within the village and consisted of approximately 30 children. Within two months the number of students had increased to more than 100 and the need of a building was becoming increasingly apparent. In October of that year the school settled down in a building within the village. At this time there were four teachers and a cook. In 2008 a second building was constructed in Hathiya village which allows for six classrooms. At the present moment over 200 students attend AoZora School, and nine regular staff teach daily. The school also provides boarding to 13 orphans. In order to attain the aim of long-term sustainability plans have been drawn up to enable the school have its own building and avoid costly rental expenses. This new building will consist of six classrooms, an orphanage residence, chapel/hall, kitchen, toilet block and office over three levels.